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Addison | Houston TX Senior Portrait Photography

This pretty much blows my mind...but can you believe I've known Addison since she was TWO? Her little brother was one of the babies in the infant room I worked in at the very first preschool I worked at, which was my first job. Isn't that crazy?! I used to babysit these two and loved them very much, so I was heartbroken when they moved to the Beaumont area when Addison was about 6 and hadn't seen them since.

When Addy's mom messaged me to let me know that Addison wanted me to do her Senior photos, I was elated and honored. They still live in the Beaumont area, but we discussed locations and met up at Brazos Bend State Park, which Addison had selected. I'd been to the park before, but had never photographed a session there. It was gorgeous when I went late in the summer, but in Spring it is absolutely stunning with all the flowers! 

We put on our walking shoes (well, some of us did...Addison even hoofed it barefoot through some of it!) and made our way from scenic spot to scenic spot. There is no part of this park that's ugly, but I got there earlier that day and scouted all the locations I knew I needed to shoot at. Now, I'd known this park was known for its' alligators (even their entry sign has a gator on it!) and made Addy well aware that we weren't going to be getting close to the water. However, Addison is far braver than I and ventured much closer than I felt comfortable with, until we saw TWO baby gators that her Mom spotted within a couple yards of each other. Once we realized that Mama Gator was likely not far, and probably watching us, I think we all took the warnings very seriously, haha. 

Addison & Teri, thank you SO much for including me in this amazing part of your lives! It was truly an honor to document this milestone for you guys! 



Cantu Family | Spring, TX Maternity Photography

This gorgeous couple was referred to me by another photographer, and I am SO grateful! They are so beautiful and were absolutely wonderful to work with. Outdoor, natural light maternity sessions are one of my all time favorites to photograph. The connection between Mom and Dad, the excitement of the new baby, and Mom’s glow just make these sessions SO rewarding!

If you’re expecting, congrats! I’d be honored to have you in front of my lens! Ideally, maternity sessions take place at 32-34 weeks gestation so we run less of a risk of baby coming early, but late enough that your belly has really popped and you’re not too terribly miserable. :)

I will help coordinate a location that suits your needs, whether it’s green and sunny such as the one below, or urban like downtown Houston, or super rustic with fencing and old buildings. I have many locations that I adore and will share with you once you’ve officially secured your spot.

If you’re ready to book, head over the the Contact page and shoot me a message! Feel free to browse the Gallery page to see more of my work. If you may be interested in booking birth, newborn, a Fresh 48 session, or even a first year plan, head over to the Pricing page to look at the packaged specials there.

Thank you for considering my work! I am truly blessed and grateful for each and every client.



Carter Grey | Houston Newborn Photography

Oh sweet Carter! If I'm being perfectly honest, when Carter's Mom requested black, I was a bit...terrified. I'd never photographed a baby on black before, and had no idea what to expect. We decided on this black backdrop with tiny white spots that almost looked like a starry night sky, and I am IN LOVE. I wasn't expecting to love it, but I truly love the way his images turned out!

Carter's middle name is Grey, so it was only fitting that we added some grey into his session as well. This little guy loved to be wrapped, so layering him in wraps provided a nice, warm, cozy, and comfortable atmosphere for his in-home newborn photo session. I pack up my mobile studio and set up in your home so baby never has to even leave the comforts of home, which makes for a more relaxing session. You don't even have to change out of your pajamas! :) 

If you're interested in a newborn session, contact me here! I'd love to hear from you, and would be honored to photograph your little one's first few days in this world. 



Wynne Maternity | The Woodlands, TX Photographer

When this gorgeous Mama contacted me about scheduling a maternity session in The Woodlands, Texas, she had her location totally picked out! Since her first maternity session took place at Rob Fleming Park in The Woodlands, she knew she wanted her session here. I'd only ever photographed here on a very overcast day and wasn't sure what the lighting would be like, and she needed a session a bit earlier than I generally shoot since her little guy's bedtime was earlier than my usual sunset sessions. Holy moly - to say I was pleasantly surprised is definitely an understatement! I had no idea how gorgeous the sunlight would be here, and it being a little earlier was absolutely perfect! I knew during the session I was in love and showed Brittany some images from the back of the camera so she could see, too. She converted me - I absolutely love this location now for photos! 

If you're interested in booking a maternity session, go ahead and contact me! Ideally, maternity sessions take place when Mom is 32-34 weeks, so there's time to get your images back before baby arrives but you still have a sizable bump to show off! I'd love to have you!



Sima | Houston, TX Maternity Photography

Back in April, Sima posted in a local BST group looking for a maternity photographer with experience in honoring a deceased loved on, in which one of my friends and past clients tagged me.

However, I had zero experience with honoring a deceased loved one and had never had the opportunity to before. Confident enough in my Photoshopping abilities to be able to do this for her, I PMed Sima, as I'm sure plenty of other photographers did, and for some reason she chose me. I have no idea why she did, but I am so, so grateful.

March 25, 2018 at 2am, Sima (who was four months pregnant at the time), her fiancé Shane, and Sima's cousin Kilroy were rear ended SO HARD by a drunk driver on 1960 that their vehicle split in two. Tragically, Shane passed away at the scene, and Kilroy passed away a week later due to injuries sustained from the accident. It is absolutely a miracle that Sima and their baby girl survived; although Sima was hospitalized and in ICU following the accident, by the hands of God, only sustained major bruising.

It was absolutely an honor to be able to do this maternity session for Sima and to incorporate Shane. Earlier this week, Anaya Shayne was born, and looks so much like her Daddy!

Sima, thank you SO much for allowing me to be a small part of your beautiful, amazing, heartbreaking journey. You are so beautiful inside and out and I'm so grateful for this experience and to have met you!

If you'd like to assist in supporting Sima and baby Anaya, please consider doing so at one of the following links.


Venmo: @Nasima-Uddin-1

Go Fund Me:




Below are the images in which we incorporated Anaya's Daddy into the session.