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Back in April, Sima posted in a local BST group looking for a maternity photographer with experience in honoring a deceased loved on, in which one of my friends and past clients tagged me.

However, I had zero experience with honoring a deceased loved one and had never had the opportunity to before. Confident enough in my Photoshopping abilities to be able to do this for her, I PMed Sima, as I'm sure plenty of other photographers did, and for some reason she chose me. I have no idea why she did, but I am so, so grateful.

March 25, 2018 at 2am, Sima (who was four months pregnant at the time), her fiancé Shane, and Sima's cousin Kilroy were rear ended SO HARD by a drunk driver on 1960 that their vehicle split in two. Tragically, Shane passed away at the scene, and Kilroy passed away a week later due to injuries sustained from the accident. It is absolutely a miracle that Sima and their baby girl survived; although Sima was hospitalized and in ICU following the accident, by the hands of God, only sustained major bruising.

It was absolutely an honor to be able to do this maternity session for Sima and to incorporate Shane. Earlier this week, Anaya Shayne was born, and looks so much like her Daddy!

Sima, thank you SO much for allowing me to be a small part of your beautiful, amazing, heartbreaking journey. You are so beautiful inside and out and I'm so grateful for this experience and to have met you!

If you'd like to assist in supporting Sima and baby Anaya, please consider doing so at one of the following links.


Venmo: @Nasima-Uddin-1

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Below are the images in which we incorporated Anaya's Daddy into the session.